Новий уряд України створює можливості для мільярдних інвестицій – Atlantic Council

The new Ukrainian government creates “opportunities for billions of dollars of foreign and national investment in the coming years.” This opinion was expressed by an American journalist, chief editor of the Ukrainian English-language publication UBN (part of the media holding of businessman Rinat Akhmetov) James Brook on the Atlantic Council.

«Kyiv is quiet. No demonstrations. No political graffiti. And yet, Kyiv is ground zero for the most significant economic revolution in the region today. In a libertarian reshaping of Ukraine’s post-Soviet system, the new government plans to approve the largest farm land market in Europe, the biggest post-Soviet privatization fire sale in a generation, and the opening of roads, railroads, ports, airports, oil and gas to private investment. Casino gambling and amber mining are to be legalized. Foreign exchange controls are to be lifted. Labor laws are to be liberalized», – he said.

Brooke notes that ambitious reforms will be carried out by “the youngest cabinet in Europe”.

«These 30-somethings are asked to drive their country through the 2020s in a dusty, battered 1993 sedan», – he says ironically.

The journalist notes that while «the Western business press yawns or looks away, Western business scouts fly into Kyiv».